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We are currently in development and are looking for fitness professionals to test our product with early access.

Fitness Professionals are the glue of SimplFit. Without you, we are nothing. Thus, we thank you for your interest and look forward to achieving great things together.

Please fill out this short application so we can get to know a bit about you. 

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What type of fitness professional are you? *

*Must have a certification or significant experience to demonstrate supreme expertise in your field(s).

What area of your field do you have the most expertise in?

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Have you ever used online personal training to train or consult with clients? *

*Not limited to personal trainers. Any fitness professional who has experience consulting with clients via online video should check "Yes."
How much money ($) do you anticipate charging  for a typical online consultation?

Numbers only please.
{{answer_35361414}}, how would you rate your experience developing and implementing unique health/fitness programs in a one-on-one setting? *

{{answer_35361414}}, what makes you interested in joining the SimplFit community?

What can you gain from us? What can we gain from you?
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